Exclusive China Report: What are China's global intentions?

In ???Growing Chinese Power ??? To What End???? authors Steven Mosher and Chuck DeVore, drawing upon their combined experience in Chinese affairs and military intelligence, warn that the Chinese threat has been underestimated while attention has been, understandably, focused on Islamic terrorism.  ???Unlike the threat from al-Qaeda and its offshoots, this threat is existential ??? meaning that America???s very existence is at issue, as was the case during the Cold War with the threat from the Soviet Union,??? the authors said.

They examine China???s modern history, its demographic, cultural and economic trends in an essay that is substantive and enlightening.  The report demonstrates that China has all the right ingredients for existential menace: a large population, territorial ambitions, autocratic rule, and military might ??? funded, in no small measure, by America???s borrowing to cover massive deficits.  Soon China will add something no other American adversary has enjoyed in modern times: an economy larger than ours.  As American economic strength fades under the burden of taxation, hyper-regulation, and government debt, while China grows, the People???s Republic is on course to surpass us, perhaps within the next Presidential term.  A trillion dollars of stolen U.S. intellectual property has given China???s technological development a considerable boost.

By contrast, the Soviet Union never managed more than 55 percent of America???s economic output, even though its population was larger.  China has carefully studied the fatal mistakes of the Soviets, and has no intention of repeating them.  Mosher and DeVore remind us that ???the last time the U.S. faced a threat from a nation with a larger economy than its own was during the War of 1812.???

There is ample reason to anticipate trouble from China.  It has axes to grind with the Western powers, Japan, and the half of Korea that isn???t already a Chinese satellite.  Chinese government has begun to mutate into something more closely resembling fascism than communism??? and fascism has a very poor track record of living in harmony with neighboring countries.  The mysterious, fractious Chinese Communist Party is described by Mosher and DeVore as ???a modern-day Game of Thrones with nuclear implications,??? and their spiritual godfather, Chairman Mao, spoke openly of hegemonic designs over the entire planet.

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