Native Americans react to the Massachusetts Senate campaign

Elizabeth ???Fauxcahontas??? Warren is a postmodern satire of a horrible political candidate ??? a Big Government liberal who merrily gamed the system with false claims of 1/32 Indian ancestry; an anti-corporate crusader who pulled down $675 an hour working a corporate bankruptcy case, even though she might not have had the necessary law license.  She???s the quintessential Obama-era liberal, a total fake who cashes in big-time while peddling failed socialist rhetoric guaranteed to keep you desperate and bitter.  Her candidacy would have made for an uproarious 60s film, back when Hollywood was still capable of producing good political satire, with Warren played by Peter Sellers in drag.

(Side note: the great Herbert Lom, who played the deranged Inspector Dreyfus in the ???Pink Panther??? films with Sellers, died today at the age of 95.)

Warren is trying to shore up her campaign with indignation at her opponent Scott Brown for daring to question her painfully phony Indian routine, particularly the good solid mocking she received at the hands of a crowd of Brown supporters and staffers who belted out war whoops and made ???tomahawk chop??? gestures:

Brown told his staffers to knock it off, issuing his ???one and only warning??? that he would not tolerate further tomahawk-chop tomfoolery.  Of course, Warren is still trying to milk whatever ???outrage??? the incident produced.  The thing is, there doesn???t seem to be much genuine outrage from actual members of Indian tribes.  The Boston Herald headlines a survey of the incident as ???Native Americans Rip Scott Brown and Elizabeth Warren,??? but they only found one Indian leader who did any ripping of Brown, and he???s a major Democrat Party activist and donor:

???For the most part, I saw it as stupid behavior,??? Twila Barnes said of the clip featuring Brown supporters doing war whoops and tomahawk chops. ???But Elizabeth Warren has stolen our entire identity. If she had been a real Cherokee, they wouldn???t have behaved like that. They were doing it because she???s fake.???

Barnes, a Cherokee genealogist who has tried to prove Warren???s native heritage claims, said the supporters should say they???re sorry, not Brown.

Cherokee Nation Principal Chief Bill John Baker demanded Brown apologize for the ???uneducated, unenlightened and racist portrayal??? of Native Americans in the video.

Baker is a Democratic activist and donor who was a delegate at the Democratic National Convention and cast Oklahoma???s electoral votes for President Obama.

Kiowa Tribe member Cole DeLaune, a member of Natives United Against Elizabeth Warren, said he saw the video as satire and thought Baker was going after the wrong target.

???His statement was rather misguided and disappointing,??? he said. ???I don???t exactly see how Sen. Brown is responsible for the actions of other individuals, yet Elizabeth Warren is not being held accountable for the actions she herself undertook.???

A spokeswoman for Baker responded: ???It???s not our place to pass judgment on someone???s family tree.???

(Emphasis mine.)  Wow, really?  The Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation doesn???t mind if people make laughably false claims of Cherokee ancestry for personal and political gain, but he???s outraged by smart-alecks whooping at a fake Indian?  I???m not sure how the Cherokee Nation goes about selecting Principal Chiefs, but maybe they should consider finding one who takes the authentication of tribal ancestry a bit more seriously.

Everyone else seems to grasp that this was mockery directed at Warren, not Native Americans.  It???s fair enough to ask for more decorum at rallies, but pretending this was some kind of racist onslaught against Indians is ridiculous, and deeply patronizing to Indians.  It???s nowhere near as insulting as what Elizabeth Warren has been doing for years.

The Herald also reports that ???the non-partisan National Congress of American Indians said the tone of the race has become ???extremely disturbing,??? blamed both candidates, and pleaded they ???return civility to the public discourse.??????  There is nothing uncivil about pointing out what a fraud Elizabeth Warren is.  She???s the one who made it a ???disturbing??? race, by using false ancestry claims to boost her career ??? and, in the big picture, agitating for an ever-more-bloated government that can be exploited by shameless political elites, at everyone else???s expense.