McCain destroys Obama's Benghazi story with weapons-grade sarcasm

A short clip in which Senator John McCain (R-AZ) hilariously takes down the Obama Administration’s absurd fiction about a “spontaneous” demonstration leading to the murderous attack on the American consulate in Benghazi, Libya:

It was always silly to believe this was a protest against That Damned Video, which started peacefully but flew off the rails.  The Obama team could have been forgiven for a few hours of confusion, in the wake of the attack, but they blatantly lied to the American people for weeks about this.  Barack Obama is still personally misleading about it, even as the rest of the Administration slowly begins coughing the truth between gritted teeth.

And if the most energetic peddler of the “spontaneous demonstration” fantasy, U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice, is some sort of rogue official who took it upon herself to dispense her foolish personal beliefs across five different talk shows in a single day, then why hasn’t she been asked to tender her resignation yet?

The Administration’s deceit was conducted for crass political purposes.  They needed to survive a couple of news cycles without facing any hard questions about their stunning failure to prepare for unrest on September 11.  And remember, in the days after the attack, they were feverishly pushing the media action line that Mitt Romney was way out of line for criticizing them in any way.  The press was busy pumping out “Romney gaffe” stories on the morning of September 12.  Breaking news about a planned terror attack blindsiding the Obama Administration would have really broken their stride.