Alec Baldwin asks George Will for marriage advice

Alec Baldwin had conservative elder statesman George Will as a guest on his “Here’s the Thing” podcast Monday, and asked him for advice on his second marriage.

“Well, you know, the definition of second marriage is the triumph of hope over experience,” Will offered.

“Or as I say to people, even people from the Deep South visit Grant’s Tomb every now and then.  We gotta put the past behind us,” Baldwin agreed.  The caretakers of Grant’s Tomb should consider using this sound bite in a commercial to be broadcast during NASCAR rallies.

“Love’s more wonderful the second time around,” Will declared, in a sound bite the Obama re-election campaign might be able to work into their advertising.  It was a conversation with a little something for everyone.

Actually, they didn’t spend the whole interview on marriage advice.  Will had some considerably less optimistic thoughts for both the Obama and Romney campaigns, warning that the former was on the verge of morphing into Jimmy Carter, and the latter’s big problem is that “people don’t dislike him, but they don’t like him,” which is “different, and in some ways more deadly, ’cause if people don’t like you it’s because you’ve said something or stand for something and you can always persuade them or change the position.”

Will also offers some interesting reflections on the polarized media landscape and its effect on political messaging, the history of the misbegotten “campaign finance reform” movement, limited government, and the next generation of candidates from both parties.  The full podcast can be heard below: