Racist Deer Caught Tearing Down Obama Signs in Texas (Video)

Even the deer in Texas don’t like Obama.
KXAN reported:

Deer doesn’t dig this dude’s display

This is racist.
KXAN reported:

It seemed a dastardly deed — destroying the display of a devoted Democrat.

The homeowners didn’t determine who, not once but four times, deliberately devastated the yard sign that depicted their beloved president, front-yard decor which said they were supporters of the dashing Barack Obama.

They decried the destruction. They didn’t know how to deter the defamation — a direct assault on their property. Was it the devil? Or simply a devious degenerate?

So Tom Priem’s wife, Beth, did some detective work, determined to discover the despicable destroyer.

At daybreak Wednesday, with camera in hand and trusty dog, Charlie, by her side, she made a date to watch the drama unfold.

Undaunted, she was dazzled to catch the thief dead-on, daring as dawn broke.

Demur in his approach, the young deer danced on the lawn, the Obama sign caught in its antlers. Delicate creature, the sign dangled for a time, as the buck deftly flung it, dented, to the ground.

Hat Tip Mara