Barry Goldwater Jr. changes support from Paul to Romney

Although Ron Paul???s late presidential campaign had a number of high-profile supporters — among them Julie Newmar, the original ???Catwoman??? on TV???s 1960???s ???Batman??? series — none had a higher profile or a more recognized name than that of Barry Goldwater Jr.

The son of the 1964 Republican presidential nominee who is considered the father of the postwar conservative movement is himself a former Republican House Member from Southern California (1969-82). In both 2008 and earlier this year, young Goldwater campaigned hard for former House colleague Paul and introduced Paul at his final rally before the Republican National Convention in Tampa.

When Human Events asked Goldwater whether Paul???s position of closing bases abroad and bringing troops home differs from the strong pro-defense views voiced by his father in the classic ???Why Not Victory?,??? Goldwater shot back: ???It???s a lot different in the world today. We???re not fighting communism or a common enemy and we shouldn???t go looking for battles.???

Given his views, it was widely thought that Goldwater would, as many Paul backers have done since Tampa, signed on to the Libertarian presidential bid of former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson. But that???s not the case. Goldwater remains a loyal party man and told Human Events last week he is now a strong Mitt Romney booster.

???We made a good, hard run at it but we???re a two-party nation, so I???m with Romney,??? Goldwater told us. . He recalled how ???my Dad used to say ???Get ???em in, then work on ???em??? and that???s what I hope to with Romney.??? As for Paul???s refusal to say who he will support, Goldwater reminded us ???his son (Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul) is for Romney, and that???s pretty important.???