The Obamamerican flag debuts, to mixed reviews

On Wednesday, Barack Obama rolled out a poster displaying a modified American flag that incorporates his personal logo.  And only five stripes.  Which are brown, instead of red.  It looks like it was finger-painted by a child, using chocolate or some other brown substance, except for the far more crisp and distinct Obama logo.

As noted at, the Obamamerican flag also bears an uncomfortable resemblance to the bloodstains left on a certain wall in Benghazi, Libya, as the American ambassador and his staff were dragged to their deaths by what the Obama Administration suddenly stopped referring to as a ???spontaneous protest??? today.

It gets worse when you consider the stated purpose of the poster is to ???say there are no red states or blue states, only the United States.???  United under our Dear Leader, of course!  Who needs a bunch of boring old stars on a blue field, when your flag can be drawn around the singular radiance of the Lightworker?  Joining a cult of personality is a great way to relax from all those nagging concerns about burning embassies, towering debt, and agonizing unemployment.

Which five states are supposed to be represented by the brown stripes?  Or is it nine states, if you count the white spaces between them?

This arrogant offense to American patriotism can be yours for just $35.  Until the embarrassed Obama campaign stops selling it.  Which will probably be any minute now, as outrage is already flooding across the Internet.