Obama can't 'change' Washington? That's not what he said in 2008

Today, at a Univision forum President Barack Obama said this: “The most important lesson I???ve learned is that you can???t change Washington from the inside. You can only change it from the outside.??? (video below)

That’s quite the change from what he’s said before, in fact, in many ways it was the core of his argument in 2008.

In 2008, in Bristol, Va., for instance, presidential candidate Barack Obama promised: ?????We are going to change how Washington works. They will not run our party. They will not run our White House. They will not drown out the views of the American people.???

In the 2008 Obama campaign guide, Blueprint for Change, feel free to turn to the section titled (page 17): “BARACK OBAMA AND JOE BIDEN???S PLAN TO CHANGE WASHINGTON.”

Here is again in 2008: “Washington is broken. My whole campaign has been premised from the start on the idea that we have to fundamentally change how Washington works.”

And, at a rally in April 30, 2008, the president said: “I do not believe change will happen unless we change our politics in Washington.”

Univision forum (via Washington Free Beacon)