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Excerpt: "We tell stories, just hang out, talk about our injuries, experiences and the medical retirement process," said Ryan, a Marine who was shot in the leg in 2006 and injured by a roadside bomb in Fallujah in 2008.


Saturday Night Live grafts Biden gaffe onto Romney

Video: Biden is the one who told a paraplegic man in a wheelchair, State Senator Chuck Graham, to “stand up” during a 2008 rally in Missouri.

Last weekend, “Saturday Night Live” did a sketch purporting to mock Mitt Romney???s supposed discomfort in addressing a racially diverse audience.  The skit included Romney inviting a black audience member to high-five, then noticing that the poor fellow doesn???t have any arms.

That???s actually a Joe Biden moment, repurposed as Romney satire.  Biden is the one who told a paraplegic man in a wheelchair, State Senator Chuck Graham, to ???stand up??? during a 2008 rally in Missouri.  The New York Times wondered if maybe choosing a ???human verbal wrecking crew??? like Biden for a running mate was such a good idea.  Their concern proved to be very well founded.

Working this kind of thing into a Mitt Romney satire is as weird as it would have been for “Saturday Night Live” to portray Jimmy Carter as clumsy instead of Gerald Ford during a 1976 skit.  Oh, and for the record, this is what it really looks like when Mitt Romney addresses a ???racially diverse??? crowd:

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