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Obama in 1998: ‘I actually believe in redistribution’ (Video)

“Because I actually believe in redistribution — at least at a certain level to make sure that everybody‚??s got a shot.”

Here is the video of Barack Obama advocating for more “redistribution” at a¬†Loyola University conference in 1998 (via Drudge). As The Blaze points out, this is the same conference in which Obama told the audience he would have voted against welfare reform.

It’s not the first time we’ve heard the sentiment¬†from Obama.

Perhaps these days it matter less — or not at all — but anyone using the word “redistribution” in 1998 knew exactly what it meant to most people. Redistribution of wealth is not about improving public services but rather transferring wealth from one class to another. The flaw in Obama‚??s talk, one that is at the core of Obama‚??s rhetoric and thinking, is that our society needs to redistribute wealth to make life more fair, rather than grow wealth to make more of us prosperous.

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David Harsanyi is the former editor of Human Events. He is a syndicated columnists and his work has appeared in the Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Weekly Standard, National Review, Reason, New York Post, and numerous other publications and is the author of ‚??Obama‚??s Four Horsemen: The Disasters Unleashed by Obama‚??s Reelection‚?Ě (Regnery, 2013) and ‚??Nanny State: How Food Fascists, Teetotaling Do-Gooders, Priggish Moralists, and other Boneheaded Bureaucrats are Turning America into a Nation of Children‚?Ě (Doubleday/Broadway, 2007).