Mitt Romney and the Palestinians

Mother Jones magazine swiftly released a second clip from the video secretly recorded (by Jimmy Carter???s grandson, James Carter IV*) at a Romney reception in May.  The new clip contained Romney???s candid remarks about the Palestinians.  The full videotape was released later on Tuesday.

Once again responding to a direct question from someone in his audience, Romney said the Palestinians ???have no interest whatsoever in establishing peace.???

He spoke at some length about the narrow borders and geographic isolation of Israel, along with the sordid history of Israel???s enemies (particularly Iran) arming Palestinian terrorists with weapons they have no compunctions about launching against civilian populations.  In Romney???s view, this makes the notion of giving away vital territory for the creation of a new, implacably hostile Palestinian state strategically unwise.  He observed that this prospective Palestinian state would be highly unlikely to let Israel police its borders and airspace, to keep out Iranian agents and weapons.

???I look at the Palestinians not wanting to see peace anyway, for political purposes, committed to the destruction and elimination of Israel and these thorny issues, and I say, ???There???s just no way.???  And so what you do is you say, ???You move things along the best way you can,?????? Romney concluded.  He thought the Palestinian issue was likely to ???remain an unsolved problem,??? and warned that ???the idea of pushing on the Israelis to give something up to get the Palestinians to act is the worst idea in the world.???

If the goal of these four-month-old ???secret??? videos was to embarrass Romney, the second leak was a horrendous mistake on the part of Mother Jones.  Eighty percent of Americans who hear these remarks will find themselves nodding along in agreement.  Romney???s blunt talk about the situation in the Middle East is vastly preferable to the cotton-candy Obama policy melting in the fires of burning consulates and American flags.

* No, Barack Obama doesn???t count as Jimmy Carter II.  Not for these purposes, anyway.