Golden State devalues gun rights

We know America is in big trouble when power corrupted law enforcement and California???s liberal state legislature ban together to createnew laws that regulate, pre-punish, and harass law abiding gun owners.

In the name of safety and protection, lawmakers being obsessedwith violating our rights and beating up the Constitution bloody, feed into thebig government ways of today.

They fail to realize, however, that the Constitution is meant to protect individual, God-given rights; it does not say big government can violate our rights, and do whatever they want.

This all started with a 2011 California law (AB 109) that bans open carry handguns in public areas. Without taking into account the rules set forth in the Constitution, the idea of the gunhaters is that openly carrying a handgun will intimidate others, and is therefore unnecessary.

In reaction, law abiding gun owners in early 2012 baned together peacefully, as is their right under the First Amendment, to petition the government to repeal AB 109, an unnecessary law.They did so by lawfully and openly carrying an unloaded rifle or shotgun, called ???long guns.???

The people in exercising their First and Second Amendment rights had law enforcement officials and legislators up in arms, complaining that ???flaunting??? long guns may escalate into violence. So, they introduce a brand new law, close to 9,000 words in length that says Californians cannot openly carry long guns in public areas, either.

Hmmm, who???s intimidating whom?

Bearing in mind, not all police officers and politiciansadhere to the anti-Constitution, thuggish group, but they do make everyone elselook bad.

Assembly Bill 1527 called the ???Open Carry Ban??? passes in both the state House and Senate, and now sits on Gov. Jerry Brown???s desk for signature.  According to California statute, if the Governor does not sign it by Sept. 30, the measure automatically becomes law effective Jan. 1.

Proponents of the bill say removing gun rights prevents tragedy, yet there is not one scintilla of evidence to say that is true.  In fact, there are piles of evidence to show that criminal elements obtain weapons via illegal ways and use them illegally,unlike law abiding citizens who follow the law.

In debate, members of the Assembly discussed families and children being in danger; carrying firearms leads to riots; civil laws promotes civil behavior; police ought to determine mental state of gun owners; and firearms jeopardizes someone else???s safety. However, there is not one police report to show that openly carryinglong guns led to any unrest, harm or arrest.

Police chiefs and sheriffs in the State of California who support Bill 1527 go wellbeyond their course of duty.  Maybe it is a power trip, maybe they really believe they can keep us safe with all these laws, or maybe they need more laws, to justify their existence and expansion.

Opponents of Bill 1527 assert it infringes on our First and Second Amendment rights and is a ???two-for-two??? against the Constitution. Gun control advocates bog-down their timewith non issues and unrealistic expectations. The purpose of government is for the people to be secured in theirrights, not beat up by it.  Bill 1527 is a solution to a problem that does not exist.

Debate on the house floor, revealed each opponent in the statehouse is a Democrat. Now, that is not to say every Democrat votes in opposition to the First and Second Amendment, but they do make everyone else look bad.

Pre-judging and targeting innocent Americans who are not violating the law is out of hand, unconstitutional. What has America become?  A police state of too many laws, too many restrictions on liberty, and too many politicians who don???t give a damn about the Constitution.