Anti-U.S. protests in Karachi turn violent: 1 dead, 9 wounded

One person died today and nine were injured during protests outside the US consulate in Karachi.

The protester torched posters of Barack Obama.

Supporters of the political party Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) burn an image of U.S. President Barack Obama during an anti-U.S. protest in Karachi September 15, 2012. About two dozen protesters gathered to take part in the protest to condemn a film produced in the U.S. that insults Prophet Mohammad. (REUTERS/Athar Hussain)

At one point the protesters broke through security cordons and pelted stones at the US consulate.
DAWN reported:

One person was killed and nine others were injured after protestors led violent protests in front of the US consulate in Karachi, DawnNews reported.

The protestors were voicing their anger in relation to a anti-Islam video, which has led to uproar in other Muslim countries.

Police fired bullets in the air and used tear gas and water canons to disperse some 1,000 people at a rally organised by Majlis-e-Wahadatul Muslimeen, a Shia religious organisation, according to an AFP photographer.

A senior local police official, Asif Ijaz told AFP: ???The police had to fire tear gas shells after the protestors refused to pay any heed to our warning.???

At one stage protestors broke through security cordons and got close to the heavily guarded US consulate, pelting stones at the building.

They chanted ???Down with America???, ???We will sacrifice our lives to safeguard the honour of the Prophet??? and ???Hang the film maker.???

Richard Silver, a spokesman for the US consulate, said: ???There has been no damage or injury to any of our personnel at the consulate.???

DawnNews also reports that protestors have torched two vehicles near M.A. Jinnah Road.

Activists from the Majlis-e-Wahadatul Muslimeen have also protested at Numaish Chowrangi, where police had to resort to aerial firing to disperse the crowds.

News reports said that four police vehicles, a petrol pump and a bank were also set on fire by protestors.


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