Team Obama brings you all the news Communist China sees fit to print

The Romney campaign recently released an ad called ???Failing American Workers,??? which criticized President Obama???s policies for costing America ???over half a million manufacturing jobs,??? meaning that ???for the first time, China is beating us.???

The Chinese government did not like this ad very much.  The L.A. Times reports the official ???news??? agency of the Communist government, Xinhua, fired back with an editorial that called Romney???s remarks ???as false as they are foolish,??? and saying it???s ???ironic that a considerable portion of this China-battering politician???s wealth was actually obtained by doing business with Chinese companies before he entered politics.???  The Communists warned that Romney???s ???mud-slinging tactics??? could cause a catastrophic trade war to break out.

The Obama campaign evidently follows Communist propaganda very closely, because no less than two Obama campaign officials eagerly Tweeted out links to this editorial: proven liar Stephanie Cutter, the deputy campaign manager, and deputy director of rapid response Danny Kanner.  The Weekly Standard grabbed screen captures of their Tweets, just in case they feel like deleting them later.

Cutter actually called the Communist propaganda piece a ???must-read.???  Really?  Does that include this part, as described in the L.A. Times?

???The New China news agency editorial Friday scolded the U.S. for its ???lousy??? economic recovery and ???excruciatingly high jobless rate??? and warned that ???all U.S. politicians should be mindful that the task of maintaining a strong trade relationship is crucial not only to China, but also to the United States as well, especially in this time of global economic turbulence and uncertainty.??????

Maybe Cutter and Kanner stopped reading the editorial before they got to that passage.

Politico notes the horror and disgust circulating over the Obama campaign???s reliance upon ChiCom propaganda, and it???s not just coming from Republicans:

“Offensive that the Obama campaign would use the Chinese propaganda paper Xinhua to promote their campaign,” RNC chairman Reince Priebus wrote on Twitter.

RNC spokesman Tim Miller also noted that the group Reporters Without Borders had called Xinhua “the heart of censorship & disinformation” in Chinese.

And Cutter’s link didn’t sit well with some Democrats. Scott Paul, the executive director of Alliance for American Manufacturing, wrote on Twitter that he was “horrified” by the comparison.

Cutter???s defense was to say that she never heard of Joe Soptic before, even though she hosted a conference call featuring his ???Mitt Romney killed my wife??? story weeks ago.  No, wait, sorry, that was a previous Stephanie Cutter load of bull.  This time, she said, ???What’s offensive is that Mitt thinks voters will believe he’ll be tough on China ??? he’s personally profiting [off] China as we speak.???

Got that?  Cutter cited a fiery editorial from the Chinese government slamming Romney for being a menace because he???s too tough on China, and might provoke a trade war if he gets into office, as a ???must read?????? but what she really wanted to say is that Romney probably won???t actually do anything about China.  This is the kind of logic, leadership and organization Barack Obama and his team bring to everything they touch.