Why Obama is a third world president

Just when the furor over the socialist sentiments in President Obama???s ???you didn???t build that??? speech seemed to subside, Paul Ryan has charismatically and cogently revived the issue in his newly-minted VP candidacy, thus rightfully keeping the issue alive as we approach the election. But even Ryan, as articulate as he is, is omitting the underlying point. And that point is that not only does Obama have socialist thoughts???but he is also a Third World thinker.

While some critics may hurl any accusation at Obama without any rhyme or reason, my assertion that he is a Third World thinker is based on my unapologetic patriotism for America and my own immigrant experience. As a naturalized American who grew up in the Third World, I saw firsthand the shenanigans that Third World leaders (who should at best be called misleaders) used on their people.

Consequently, I am much more concerned about preserving America???s greatness than about conforming to the mindless mantra among many minorities that this president is a great leader. He is not. I came to America when Ronald Reagan was president. He was a great leader. And he was a president who was unmistakably proud to be American???not a man who went around the world apologizing for America.

A mainstay in the propaganda of Third World leaders is the relentless assault on the wealthy???and Obama is a master at that. In fact, many Third World leaders, despite being well-off themselves, are particularly adept at haranguing the public into thinking that wealth is an evil. And Obama, despite being a millionaire himself, is inimitably adept at public castigation of the wealthy.

In fact, Obama???s Third World socialist proclivities were evident even before he became president. Recall the famous ???Joe the Plumber??? moment during the 2008 campaign, when Obama declared that he wanted to ???spread the wealth around.??? That is what Third World dictators do???take things from people who earned them and give them to those who did not.

It behooves us to take a closer look at what else he said in the recent speech where he made the ???you didn???t build that??? remark. Here is what he said about those who believe their success is due to their own efforts: ???If you’ve been successful, you didn’t get there on your own. You didn’t get there on your own. [Yes, he repeated it.] I’m always struck by people who think, well, it must be because I [i.e., they] was just so smart. There are a lot of smart people out there. It must be because I worked harder than everybody else. Let me tell you something???there are a whole bunch of hardworking people out there.???

Even a rabid communist in a Third World banana republic could not have done a more vehement denunciation of individual initiative than Obama did in that speech on July 13 at Roanoke, Va. As an immigrant who realized the American Dream with my own hard work, I am stunned by such anti-capitalist poppycock coming from an American president.

Such open contempt for the successful is a common occurrence in the Third World. That is why Third World countries are as destitute as they are???for along with such contempt comes disrespect for private property, and where private property is not respected, no private investment takes place. And without such investment, prosperity is impossible.

Obama apparently lacks even a rudimentary understanding of the role that individual initiative plays in American success stories. His canonization of government as the benefactor of progress is downright delusional. What government program helped Edison invent the light bulb? What program helped the Wright brothers launch the first flight? What program helped Henry Ford build his first car?

By Obama???s logic, almost anyone you ever came in contact with deserves credit for your success. Thus, in my case, it would begin with the pilot of the plane that brought me to America. And then the immigration officer who inspected me. Then the landlords I rented from. Then the banks that I borrowed from. And of course all the workers who built the roads and bridges that connected the towns and cities where I have done business. Oh, I forgot to mention the cashiers who bagged my food at the grocery stores. Oops, I also forgot to include the car salesmen who sold me the cars in which I commuted to work over the years. So, you see how ridiculous Obama???s logic is!

It is a fact of life that before you can expect someone to help you, you must help yourself first. You must demonstrate to others that you are a worthy risk???for a loan, job, etc. And when such conduct brings you success, you fully deserve it, because it was your conduct that made others willing to lend you money, employ you, or support your business.

Perhaps what is most disturbing about this whole affair is the affirmative response Obama has received in some corners. Many Americans are unabashed in their support for what he said. Of course, they are not a majority, but they are nevertheless a sizable portion of the public. That in itself is sufficient evidence of how Obama has managed to Third-Worldize the minds of many Americans.