The U.S. Embassy in Cairo: even more offensive in Arabic

Breitbart News points out that the notorious Twitter messages from the U.S. embassy in Cairo, criticizing the ???abuse??? of free speech to hurt the feelings of Islamic extremists, were issued in English.  What they said in Arabic was even worse.

In Arabic, the embassy didn???t criticize the increasingly violent demonstrations at all.  It was all about castigating the makers of the film that ostensibly drove Muslims into a frenzy.  Some of these messages have been deleted, just as the embassy deleted its most outrageous English postings from Twitter last night.

Two samples of the Arabic Tweets:

???We vehemently reject the actions of those who abuse the worldwide right to freedom of expression in order to injure the religious beliefs of others.???

???The worldwide right to freedom of expression also gives us the right to criticize misguided, inaccurate works.???

The latter message is a defensible point ??? freedom of speech most certainly does include the right to criticize other people???s speech.  If only that???s what the mobs of Cairo were doing!