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From the Rose Garden: Obama props up his foreign policy ‘experience’

A somber statement meant to attack Mitt Romney’s “blundering and blustering.”

As President Barack Obama delivered his remarks on the tragic Tuesday attack on the American Consulate in Libya, he made clear — as he did in his DNC Convention address last week — that he is seeking re-election on the theme he knows foreign policy well.

Although he refused to take questions on Republican opponent Mitt Romney’s statement on the violence in Libya or Human Events’ question whether he would cancel a planned trip to Las Vegas Wednesday, Mr. Obama appeared very much the commander-in-chief when he addressed the press corps in the White House Rose Garden.

Flanked by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the president praised slain U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens as a,”role model to others” and, while rejecting violence that took the lives of three other Americans Tuesday night, he insisted “it won’t break bonds” between America and the Libyan people.

This was unarguably a somber statement and a moment above the politics of 2012. But, it is likely we will hear these words and more about the Libyan tragedy in the weeks ahead. We are also sure to hear a lot more of Mr. Obama’s phrase about Mr. Romney’s approach to foreign policy: “blundering and blustering.”

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