Ryan blasts Obama's failed record: The president has placed us on a path to decline

Paul Ryan was on This Week this Sunday, and blasted the president’s failed economic record.

Paul Ryan this morning:

???I think President Obama has placed us on a path to decline. Four budgets, four trillion dollar deficits. Twenty three million people struggling to find work. The highest poverty rates in a generation. Nearly one out of six Americans in poverty, and we just learned on Friday that it???s the 43rd month of unemployment above 8 percent. For every person who got a job last month, nearly four stopped looking for work. That???s not a good direction. That???s the wrong direction. I mean, George, we have to create 150,000 jobs every month just to keep up with population growth, and we didn???t even do that. It???s on the wrong path.???

Man, he’s good!