Tax Dollars at Work: Statue of Bare-Breasted Woman Sexting Causes Uproar in Kansas City (Video)

Kansas City residents were outraged after a statue of a bare-breasted woman sexting was erected in an Overland Park Arboretum.

Local residents are upset that the statue was placed in a public park in sight of children and families.
Joe Miller reported:

A bronze statue of a young topless woman who appears to be taking a sexting-style picture of herself has caused outrage in a Kansas City Park.

The bare breasted, headless female figure in Overland Park Arboretum is pointing a camera at herself and the American Family Association of Kansas and Missouri has said that it is obscene and promotes sexting in a venue where families take children.

This week the group collected 4,700 signatures, 1,000 more than is needed to compel a judge in Johnson County to convene a grand jury to investigate whether the work ???Accept and Reject??? by Chinese sculptor Yu Chang is unacceptable.

In June, local resident and mother Joanne Hughes started a campaign to have the statue removed out of the sight of children and was joined in her efforts by the conservative American Family Asssociation soon after.

Residents petitioned the city to remove the statue.