'Obama's America' is No. 1 on NYT Best Sellers list

Even as Democrats cheered the politics of big government in Charlotte this week, the books that Americans are actually reading tell a different story about the America they want.

???Obama???s America,??? a critical examination of President Barack Obama???s anticolonial worldview and an analysis of his deeper agenda, by Dinesh D???Souza, claimed the No. 1 spot on the New York Times Sept. 16 bestseller list, after debuting at No. 5 when it was released in August.

???Obama???s America??? builds on D???Souza???s new movie, ???2016: Obama???s America,??? the box office surprise of the summer.

The achievement marks the second book this year from Regnery Publishing that has crowned the hardcover non-fiction list and the third Regnery book to reach the top two. All were about Barack Obama???s presidency.

???The Amateur??? by Ed Klein, a stinging portrayal of President Obama???s leadership, continues its remarkable 16-week run by placing No. 6 on same list, after spending its first seven weeks at No. 1. It has been lauded and recommended by readers as varied as News Corp. founder Rupert Murdoch and former Vice President Dick Cheney.

The third 2012 Regnery book to rise on the list, to No. 2, was David Limbaugh???s ???The Great Destroyer: Barack Obama???s War on the Republic,??? in which Limbaugh presents Obama???s full-scale assault on America???s institutions, from economy and culture to national security and future.

It is the first time in the company???s history that two books have taken the No. 1 bestseller spot in the same year. Regnery is part of Washington, D.C.-based Eagle Publishing, which also owns Human Events Group.