Trailer released for “Atlas Shrugged: Part 2”

I was quite fond of the first installment of Atlas Shrugged.  While not blind to its flaws – the acting was sometimes rough, the dialogue was often in need of polishing, and the compelling central mystery of John Galt was played out rather clumsily – it had plenty of charms, including a deadly accurate portrayal of how the crony nexus of politicians and compliant business interests hates and fears freedom and capitalism.  It was a refreshing change of pace to emerge from a theater with a crowd discussing what the movie was about, rather than talking about its special effects.  (Which, by the way, really weren’t bad at all.  Modern effects technology allows a perfectly decent vision of the near future to be realized on a modest budget.)

Part I did well enough to get us a sequel, with a new cast, and what appears to be significantly upgraded production values.  (Pity… the guy who played Rearden was starting to grow on me by the end of the first film.)  Here’s the trailer.  The film is due in theaters October 12.