No Facebook 'bump' for Obamas

While much of the attention on Tuesday night in Charlotte focused on the keynote speech of San Antonio???s Julian Castro and First Lady Michelle Obama???s address to a cheering crowd, the real action is happening online.  A casual look at the Twitter pages for both President Obama and Mitt Romney and the story becomes very clear. As you may recall during the Republican National Convention, the ???guys??? in the Chicago bunker were working overtime tweeting on both the Obama 2012 stream and posting on Mitt Romney???s page with their own brand of ???critique??? and crass commentary. The ???Truth Squad??? was making sure that any contradiction and/or ???factual??? mistake was chronicled and then chastised.

One would think that the Republican leadership would have taken note of all of this activity online during the RNC and would have been prepared for Tuesday night???s contentious assault on Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan.  Go ahead and take a look at Barack Obama???s Twitter feed and then cruise over to the Romney page. Notice something? Mitt Romney???s page continues to be littered with a roster of pundits, politicians, actors and actresses who are taking turns throwing pot shots at the Romney/Ryan ticket. Notice something about the Obama page? Not one tweet from anyone disagreeing or criticizing anything!  There is no doubt that there is some major league filtering going on within the Obama camp that is not happening on the Romney side.

Did Obamas get a Facebook Bump?

In the last week, as Republicans  have finally found a voice on Facebook, the strategy is working.  During the last week, Mitt Romney has gained more than 678,685 new likes while President Obama has generated only 128,000 during the same period. While Romney still trails the president by some 22 million Facebook Likes, it???s clear that Mitt has got some serious mojo going on Facebook. The Romney campaign has got to hope that this trend not only continues but accelerates dramatically. We will be watching this metric over the next couple of days to see if the DNC will do anything to derail this strong bump.

Notably, after Day One of the DNC, both Obamas aren???t getting anything close to a ???bump??? in their Facebook presence. As of mid-afternoon on Wednesday, Barack Obama generated just 40,000 new Facebook like since Michelle Obama made her speech and Michelle picked up just 33,000 new likes.

In contrast, Romney/Ryan is smoking hot ??? Romney picked up 34,000 overnight and Paul Ryan is crushing Joe Biden. Ryan currently has more than 2.8 million Facebook likes and Biden has but 375,000. Ryan could be the major secret weapon in that he resonates with the Internet generation; it will be interesting to see if the trend continues after the Bill Clinton speech tonight.

Michelle Obama Rocks Online

Watching the First Lady Tuesday night, I can???t help but think that both she and the President are two of the most scripted orators in our history. Every turn of phrase, every gesture, every tear seems overly polished and constructed so as to render the message contrived at the highest order. Despite all of this, many online are buying what she is ???selling???. As of Tuesday, Michelle Obama had over 8,207,494 Facebook fans; almost 2 million more than Mitt Romney!  Many believe that Ann Romney held her own in Tampa but online; but, her Facebook fan base is just 357,626; Michelle bests her counterpart by nearly 20x.

While Tuesday night was great television–another night of ???hope??? and the promise of change–Republicans must not be distracted from the real battlefield. Democrats are using the same playbook as they did in 2008. With 8 weeks + to go to Election Day???we are running out of time. GOP strategy should be an unrelenting focus dissecting each every promise made four years ago and the reality today.  We must create messaging online that reminds the undecided in our country of the stark contrast between the Romney platform and 4 more years of President Obama.