Democrats move President Obama’s speech indoors

Democrats will move President Barack Obama’s speech on Thursday night from the spacious Bank of America stadium to the more cozy confines of Time Warner indoor arena due to a threat of rain, lighting and, perhaps, thousands of empty chairs.

“We have been monitoring weather forecasts closely and several reports predict thunderstorms in the area,” said Convention chief Steve Kerrigan, “therefore we have decided to move Thursday’s proceedings to Time Warner Cable Arena to ensure the safety and security of our delegates and convention guests.”

Those unable to see the speech live will be able to participate in a conference call with President.

Yesterday, Jim Messina said: “Look, you know, we’re going to have a convention out there rain or shine—unless we’re putting people at risk.” How risky is it? Democrats claim that the weather is “extreme” and that 19,000 people were on a waiting list for the event.

According to the Daily Mail, however, “The Obama campaign had been working desperately to ensure that the stadium in Charlotte would be filled. Buses for students from across North Carolina and even members of black churches in neighboring South Carolina and Georgia had been arranged.”

Apparently, not enough.  CNN is reporting that Obama had only given away 65,000 tickets  though the  capacity is around 78,000, not including field seats.