DNC video: ???Government is the only thing we all belong to???

One of the worst monsters from the Democrat id unfortunately escaped to rampage across the forbidden planet of their convention on Monday, and had to be brought down with concentrated blasts of denial.  The DNC played a video that included the unfortunate line, ???Government is the only thing we all belong to.???

Adding insult to injury??? well, actually, adding injury to insult??? the DNC video was released just as Barack Obama took America over the line to $16 trillion in debt.  We belong to the government, but it purchased us with its credit cards, and it hasn???t been keeping up on the payments.

Embarrassed Obama campaign staffers were compelled to disavow the video after Mitt Romney gave the one and only true American response, via Twitter: ???We don???t belong to government, the government belongs to us.???

???The video in question was produced and paid for by the host committee of the city of Charlotte,??? sniffed an anonymous Obama for America official, quoted at Buzzfeed.  ???It???s neither an OFA nor a DNC video, despite what the Romney campaign is claiming.  It???s time for them to find a new target for their faux outrage.???

Under the bus with you, Charlotte host committee!  Also, it would be super helpful if everyone who saw this video at the Democrat convention stuffed it into their memory hole, along with Obama???s record in office.  Pretend it was some kind of weird amateur video that slipped past the vigilant convention organizers who have been working around the clock to micro-manage every aspect of this three-day infomercial.

The new marching orders from Obama for America would seem very confusing to the liberals who have been rallying to defend the ???government is the only thing we all belong to??? line, if they weren???t already accustomed to turning on a time whenever the Obama campaign orders them to.  The Left was in the middle of shrieking that the video wasn???t saying the government ???owns??? us; it was saluting the government as the collective expression of our combined will, justified in anything it wants to do – or make the rest of us do – because we sanctify it every few years through the ritual of voting.

Even this benign-sounding apologia for ???government is the only thing we all belong to??? is incredibly wrong-headed.  We most certainly do not belong to the government.  We are all members of the electorate, which is a very different thing.  Each of us lives beneath several distinct governments ??? federal, state, city ??? empowered to protect our rights, not act as the almighty executor of some ???collective will??? that exists only in the totalitarian fantasies of liberals.  There are very few areas of government action that command anything like overwhelming majority support from Americans, let alone nearly unanimous approval.

The Founding Fathers thought it was very important that just and lawful governments obtain the willing consent of their people.  That implies a recognition of the right to withdraw consent, which is one of the most powerful moral and practical arguments for devolving power from central government to the states.  There are supposed to be very few inescapable directives hitting Americans from their omnipresent federal government.  This childish Democrat worship of our huge, bankrupt, compulsive federal machine as a kind of Cub Scout troop we all belong to ??? in which a dedicated minority with plenty of political power can force the unhappy campers to do anything they want ??? is disgusting, and frightening.  I would much rather boast of memberships in private organizations I joined voluntarily, and which must compete to retain me.

The Obama campaign should be embracing this video warmly, not cravenly running away from it.  It???s the perfect reduction of Obama???s ???you didn???t build that??? philosophy.  He does think the government owns you, has a limitless right to reclaim anything it has ???given??? you, manages every significant endeavor, and has a moral duty to take good care of you.  All that is required in exchange is your obedience.

Update: Some attendees at the Democrat convention were asked about this “disavowed” video, and they sure as heck didn’t disavow it.  In fact, they were delighted at the thought of being owned by the government: