Democratic platform embraces Obamacare

The 2012 Democratic platform addresses health care by looking forward and back. The centerpiece of President Barack Obama???s reforms is the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. While the law was enacted 2010, but many of its key features do not take effect until after 2012. Because of this, the platform describes both benefits already delivered and benefits yet to come — all of which will be lost if Obama loses the White House.

???Mitt Romney and the Republican Party would repeal health reform,??? it said. ???They are more concerned with playing politics than supporting families in this country.???

Much has been made in the mainstream media about how the Charlotte Democrats tout the passing of the PPACA. But, the platform acknowledges that the law is not universally loved. ???No law is perfect and the Democrats stand willing to help anyone to improve the law where necessary, but we are committed to moving forward.???

Benefits mentioned include, cancer screening, annual well-women visits, mental health and substance abuse treatments, protections against discrimination for pre-existing conditions. Then, dangling it like a carrot, the platform says: ???Soon, working families will finally have the security of knowing they won???t lose health care or be forced into bankruptcy if a family member gets sick or loses their job.???

Not mentioned, are one of the Democrats??? favorite touts: birth control.