Will Obama’s DNC speech get downgraded?

The Democrats have been worried about the optics of unoccupied seats and half-filled venues making their convention look pathetic.  There have already been reports of college students and black church parishioners delivered by the busload to Charlotte to fill those empty chairs.

Now comes word, via the UK Daily Mail, that “Democrats are poised to avoid the danger of President Barack Obama accepting his party’s nomination before a partially-empty stadium by shifting his speech to an indoor arena and citing ‘severe weather.’”

The President had been slated to speak in the 74,000-seat outdoors Bank of America stadium – whose name Democrats can’t even bring themselves to speak, since they’re posturing as anti-bank champions of the Little Guy these days.  They’ve been trying to rename it “Panthers Stadium,” a name used by absolutely no one.  Considering how frequently Obama’s failures are blamed on his predecessor, they probably should have had the courtesy to rename it “George Bush Stadium.”

Barack Obama can’t draw crowds like that anymore, so a “contingency plan” for dealing with “bad weather” has been talked up, leading to “strong indications” that the President’s speech will be shifted to the far smaller Time Warner Cable Arena, which seats about 20,000.

The Daily Mail quotes a convention worker who says the move “looks like a done deal to me… the decision’s apparently been taken, and it’s just a matter of spinning it as being forced on us by the weather.”  Current weather forecast for Thursday in Charlotte, according to the Weather Channel: Partly cloudy with a 20 percent chance of rain.