Native American delegates ask Fauxcahontas to explain herself

The Boston Herald reports that “skeptical American Indian delegates – including the great-grandson of Geronimo — are inviting [Massachusetts Senate candidate Elizabeth] Warren to a meeting tomorrow to explain her ancestry claims.”

Warren, derided from coast to coast as “Fauxcahontas” for her false claims of Native American ancestry, might find this meeting uncomfortable.  The Herald doesn’t mention any Cherokee delegates – the tribe Warren directly offended by billing herself as a minority, based on a ridiculous claim of 1/32nd American Indian ancestry, which a bit of detective work – of the variety that only bloggers seem capable of performing, when high-profile Democrats are involved – exposed as unsupportable.  However, representatives of the Apache, Winnebago, and Crow are quoted.  Some of them sound conciliatory, but others seem quite angry.

For example, Harlyn Geronimo, the aforementioned descendant of the great Apache warrior, and his wife Karen both said they would not vote for someone who misrepresented herself as an American Indian.  “I wouldn’t vote for anybody that is being dishonest, and it’s unfair to our people,” said Harlyn, while Karen sounded even more “adamant,” according to the Herald.

Frank LeMere of the Winnebago tribe said that if allegations of Warren using false claims of American Indian ancestry to advance her career are true, then “shame on her,” adding that he, too, would “absolutely not” back such a candidate.

There’s very little doubt those allegations about Warren are true – the documentation of her false claims is extensive.  Warren’s people refused to talk to the Boston Herald about their story, but she’d be a fool to skip this meeting with American Indian delegates.  A few of them are justifiably angry about Warren’s crass deception, but in the main, they’re good Party members who really don’t want to shoot down the underdog candidate in an important blue-state Senate race – who also happens to be a featured speaker at the Democratic National Convention.  They’ll work very hard to find a way to get Warren out of that meeting without excessive humiliation.

Or is Warren so confident of their unswerving Party loyalty that she doesn’t think she has to waste any time with them?