Cory Booker hits bottom

It hasn’t been a good day for Newark mayor Cory Booker, who was all but drummed out of the Democrat Party when he made the mistake of honestly expressing his disgust with Barack Obama’s anti-capitalist campaign.  Booker’s attitude was adjusted by Obama campaign operatives, leading to his infamous “hostage video,” followed by a steady erosion of his “moderate” credibility.

This was good enough to score Booker an obscure five-minute speech at the Democratic National Convention, which is remarkable for a charismatic, colorful figure once viewed as a rising star in the party.

Booker paid for a full-page ad in the New Jersey delegate directory in which he trumpeted his support for the incumbent President… and, unfortunately, mis-spelled his name as “Barak Obama.”

Tuesday morning, while en route to address the Florida delegation at the DNC, Booker tripped on the curb and injured his ankle, resulting in what he described as “throbbing pain.”  That’s an ironic turn of events for a guy who has been known to rush into burning buildings to rescue constituents.  Hopefully Booker will swiftly and fully recover from his injury.

It will be harder for him to repair the damage to his reputation from the speech he proceeded to give at a Planned Parenthood rally on Tuesday, where he offered a rambling, deeply offensive critique of the distinguished minority and female speakers at the Republican National Convention last week.

As related by Katrina Trinko of National Review, Booker labored to keep the Democrats’ dopey War On Women narrative alive: “I heard people stand up and say, ‘I love women.’ I heard people stand up: ‘I’ve got a sister. I’ve got a mother.’  That’s like saying you’re not a bigot cause you have a black friend.  That’s like saying I love Latinos, I go to Taco Bell every week. That is like saying that you are a person that is just and right because you know what, you like Jewish people.”

Really, Mayor Booker?  Is the re-election of a failed President urgent enough to make you sink to this level?  And as long as we’ve checked into the basement suite of the Superficial Racial Appeals Motel, remind me: which party had Senator Marco Rubio, Governor Susana Martinez, Governor Luis Fortuno, and Governor Brian Sandoval in prominent speaking roles… and which one had to make do with the undistinguished mayor of San Antonio as counter-programming?

We hear a lot of talk about “divisiveness” from Democrats, but what could be more purely, intensely divisive than reducing these excellent Republicans of Hispanic extraction to the level of Chihuahua puppets stuck to the window of a Taco Bell drive-thru, supposedly placed there to hide deep-seated Republican racism?  What’s more demeaning to Hispanics, blacks, Jews, or any other group than telling them mindless obedience to the Democrat Party is required, or else they’ll be marginalized as “Uncle Toms” no matter how much they achieve?

Booker went on to say something more interesting, but hideously ugly: “When it comes to your actions, when it comes to your deeds, it comes to what you do every day, you are denigrating those very people you claim to love.  And so I don’t understand how somebody can say they love women when they are denying women access to health care, when they are denying women strategies to protect their life, when they are implementing policies that undermine all the ground that we have gained.”

That’s pure totalitarianism – it doesn’t matter what you say or do, because the contents of your very soul can be judged by your politics.  Support a liberal agenda on designated “women’s issues” and you care about women; otherwise you hate them.  Such politics should have no place in the United States of America.

Alas, Booker finished up with stupid and ugly, saying there are “some people in the Republican Party that believe when they say ‘all men are created equal,’ they are leaving out women themselves.”

Ah, so the phrase “all men are created equal” from our Declaration of Independence – one of the most powerful documents ever penned by mortal hands – is now sexist code language?  How much of the rest of our rich American heritage will Democrats demand we vandalize, in order to flatter their neuroses?  And does Cory Booker seriously believe unreconstructed Republican misogynists are indulging their inner Bill Maher by saying “all men are created equal” with a devilish wink, high-fiving each other behind closed doors for their cunning in leaving women out of the equality formulation?

How sad.  How pathetic.  For shame, Cory Booker.