Burglar makes widow understand husband's warnings

My husband was a police officer and chief.  But he also did sniper shooting as well as ATF undercover operation between 1961 to 1976.  He learned that a country unarmed was an open ground for crime against persons.  People who cannot defend cannot have assurance of protection.

Sometimes I did not  understand what he meant until this past month.

A man approached me at my doorstep.  He appeared to be drunk but not sure he was.  He did not speak English so he said??? he acted as if he could only speak a few words.  I took one look and reacted as my husband had many times told me to.

I said in plain language he would understand and he looked startled and said why did you say that?

I said because you understand English perfectly well, you are a fraud and I am not buying your story.  Now, at that point, I put my hand in my purse and he noticed that action.

I said you have one minute to get going or get dead,  he called me ???B???  and I repeated back to him correct and my husband is a bigger one and a cop.

The police still had not showed up an hour later, they are so busy trying to catch the criminals and it is getting bigger and bigger.

This man did not attack me because he knew I had a gun in my purse and he knew from my answer to him I would use it to protect myself.  I know if I had not reacted the way I did I would have been attacked or robbed and either way I would have been hurt.

My husband learned that a nation without the right of self protection is a nation with decent citizens becoming victims.  Look at Mexico and China and all the Middle Eastern states and Africa.   The only countries that have half way safety is the ones that the criminals know if they do anything the law kills them on the spot.

This is not known in all the world but my husband said it is a fact that while the Bobby in England does not carry a gun, the backup does and they have no question to killing the criminal.  The criminals know if they harm the Bobby they die.  This is not known to the general public it is not publish and the people don???t care as long as they are safe.  Also other countries such as Armenia, Malaysia, Thailand and many more, you commit crime they have instant justice and no one cares about what happens to the criminal as long as law enforcement take care of them.

The people pushing laws to take away guns are the ones who lead the gangs and want the dictatorship.

Boy, will that be an interested fight.