Tampa an armed camp during GOP convention

Indeed police officers in America do their best to provide honest services in order to protect the People from harm, however the separation between police protection and police pre-punish permeates the system so much so, that it has created a lockdown of constitutional rights.

The convention cost of all of this military madness in 2012?

A record $50 million per convention in federal funds allocated by Congress. Wow!

Evidenced by the handling of the Republican National Convention in Tampa last week, for example, the National Guard and bus loads of military style police were let loose, supposedly to prepare for a possible, dangerous riot that did not happen, scared the innocent public into seclusion.

The last time there were so called riots at a national convention was 44 years ago at the Democrat National Convention in Chicago Illinois, where demonstrators battled it out with the Chicago police and National Guard, and in which reporters and journalists were caught up in the fray. Network newsmen Mike Wallace and Dan Rather were reported to be roughed up by the police inside the convention hall.

At the Democrat National Convention in July of 2004 in Boston Massachusetts, the Boston police made a fortune securing riot gear and military materials that were never used at the convention.

Instead, in October of 2004 the Boston police used their protective gear that killed a 21 year old student of Journalism at Emerson College because she was on the platform of a light pole celebrating a historic Boston Red Sox win over the New York Yankees in the American League Championship series.

Where is the sense of urgency in 2012? There is none. Money to be made, police officers to be employed with new uniforms and equipment; jails were emptied out for space, and the city of Tampa, in a virtual lockdown, has violated our constitutional right to be free without fear of arrest.

The Tampa police chief says the convention is an opportunity to fight back, but who are we fighting?


Event ordinances restricted innocent Americans at the convention zone from possessing the following items: weapons, firearms, knives, fireworks, umbrellas, fresh fruit, noise makers, stun guns, pointed objects, screwdrivers, whistles, collars, laser lights, strollers, and aerosols among other items.

Rather than gaining any sense of security, the People were intimidated by a police force equipped with riot gear, stun guns, tear gas, ammunition, weapons, and a military style defense against innocent Americans, doing nothing wrong.

Bystanders who were courageous enough to enter the convention zone in Tampa were aghast by the heavy police presence, large chained fencing and sectioning off of peaceful protesters who were treated like cattle, as if some crime had already been committed.

The geographic layout, in particular, the narrow streets of Tampa warrant the need for an efficient and smart security force, not a need for 16 foot high fencing overkill. It is not a crime to address our government and our political parties for assistance in changing the way our government operates.

Innocent people interested in peaceful assembly, are not criminals, instead are Patriots, not cattle, who in exercising their First Amendment rights, provide more of a service to the People, than the police do.

After all, an American political convention is not a war, but a gathering of concerned citizens; a traditional and historic nomination of a candidate for public office. We are not communist Cuba, or the Russian gulag, we are Americans who are free and equal under the law.