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Live Stream video from Tampa:

Thursday from the RNC:

Romney offers vision of hope for America, sets himself apart from Obama
by John Gizzi
The Republican presidential candidate called on Americans to “walk with me to a better future.”

Transcript of Mitt Romney’s 2012 RNC acceptance speech
Mr. Chairman, delegates. I accept your nomination for President of the United States of America…

Text of Marco Rubio’s 2012 RNC speech
In 1980, I watched my first Republican Convention with my grandfather. He was born to a farming family in rural Cuba…

Clint Eastwood delivers mysterious, yet humorous, address
by Hope Hodge
“You, we, own this country. Politicians are employees of ours.” And, “when somebody does not do the job, we got to let ’em go.”

Video of Clint Eastwood’s surprise RNC address
I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking: what’s a movie tradesman doing out here. You know they’re all lefties out there — left of Lenin.

Friends of Romney address the RNC, convey Mitt’s ‘love and concern’
by Hope Hodge
In the heart their own sadness and trials, Mitt Romney helped his friends and neighbors, say Ted and Pat Oparowski and Pam Finlayson.

Preview of Mitt Romney’s RNC convention address
by Neil W. McCabe
The real question for Thursday night is: Will Romney be ready for his close-up?

Wasserman Schultz and Sandra Fluke make their presence felt at the RNC
by Hope Hodge
Schultz and Fluke crashed the media building at the RNC, talking briefly to reporters, denouncing the convention’s embrace of women Republicans as phony.

Tea Party Rep. Allen West wowed by Condi, gives pointers for Romney???s address
by Hope Hodge
Romney needs to “talk about how he wants to make sure that his vision for America and the greatness and exceptionalism of America goes on for future generations,” says West.

Paul Ryan will restore America as a world leader
by Marion Smith
Analysis: He is uniquely prepared to clarify the comprehensive choice facing Americans in the twenty-first century: National decline or leadership?

American Idol winner Taylor Hicks not a Republican, but ‘figuring it out’
by Hope Hodge
Hicks says he is “just thrilled to be a part of the political process,” and thinks the Romney/Ryan ticket is strong.

Santorum not concerned with Romney’s sister’s abortion comments
by Neil W. McCabe
???I am not concerned about it, not until I actually hear something from the Romney campaign,??? said the former Pennsylvania senator.

RNC organizers still mum about mystery speaker
by Hope Hodge and Audrey Hudson
Thursday’s lineup beginning at 7 p.m. will include former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, but there still remains speculation as to whether Clint Eastwood will speak.

Paul Ryan???s valid point on the Janesville plant
by John Hayward
Analysis: The point Paul Ryan directly and clearly made in reference to the GM plant in Janesville, Wis. is completely valid: Obama made a lot of promises he didn???t, or couldn???t, keep.

Ron Paul delegates express anger, discontent at rules change
by John Gizzi
As they walked out of the convention, Paul supporters fume over what they saw as “no compromise,” shouting¬† “As Maine Goes, So Goes The Nation.”

Former Massachusetts Gov. Weld regrets supporting Obama
by John Gizzi
William Weld has thrown his support behind Romney, after seeing how “serious about the economy” President Obama was.

Text of Paul Ryan’s RNC Convention speech
Mr. Chairman, delegates, and fellow citizens: I am honored by the support of this convention for vice president of the United States…

Wednesday from the RNC:

Ryan: Proud to accept the calling of my generation
by John Gizzi
Vice Presidential nominee Paul Ryan hit a home run Wednesday night, with a speech that both inspired the GOP base and offered solutions that defy Obama’s tax-and-spend rhetoric.

Condi Rice rocks the house
by Hope Hodge
To roaring applause, Rice emphasized the importance of national security and having a firm understanding of America???s role in the world full of threats: “We stand for free people and free markets.”

Text of Condoleezza Rice’s RNC address
The former Secretary of State spoke passionately of the threats facing America, the leadership needed to save our nation, and the freedom that makes this country so exceptional.

McCain calls for strong global leadership, lambasts Obama
by John Gizzi
The Arizona senator received a hero’s welcome on his birthday, but scars still remain with conservatives from his notorious campaign finance reform bill.

Rand Paul speech cannot quell unease among libertarian delegates
by Hope Hodge
???To lead us forward, away from the looming debt crisis, it will take someone who believes in America’s greatness, who believes in and can articulate the American dream,??? the Kentucky senator said.

Huckabee shows he still has same ’08 charisma
by John Gizzi
The former Arkansas governor notably said that he “doesn’t care where Romney takes his family to church,” but he does “care about where he’ll take the country.”

Bondi, Olens on losing their Obamacare challenge: 2 out of 3 ain’t bad
by Neil W. McCabe
The two state attorneys general told delegates that they lost because of the president???s malleable definition of a tax.

After Ron Paul???s campaign exit, Republican leaders optimistic party will unite
by Hope Hodge
While many Paul supporters may remain unhappy with Romney, they are not likely to split the GOP vote by opting for the Democratic ticket.

Source: RNC staff have been in talks with Eastwood’s people
by Hope Hodge
UPDATED: Speaking at the Republican National Convention would give Clint Eastwood a chance to put the Superbowl ad controversy behind him for good and reestablish his conservative credentials.

Lineup for Wednesday night at the RNC Convention
by Audrey Hudson
Besides Paul Ryan, scheduled speakers include Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky.

Preview of Rep. Paul Ryan’s convention speech
by Neil W. McCabe
Expect Ryan to engage the attacks against him on the federal budget and his plan for reforming Medicare.

Rave reviews for Ann Romney???s convention speech
by Hope Hodge
Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and Former Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour had nothing but praise for Mitt Romney’s wife.

Tuesday from the RNC:

Ohio GOPers confident of Romney win, Senate pickup
by John Gizzi
The latest Columbus Dispatch poll shows the president in a dead heat with Mitt Romney.

Santorum: ‘I’m going after working people’ for Romney
by John Gizzi
In an exclusive interview with Human Events, Santorum says he will energize voters in swing states this fall, and turn out blue-collar, pro-family working people.

Women in the spotlight on first night of RNC
by Hope Hodge
Ten of the roughly 20 speakers featured Tuesday night were women, including keynote speaker and aspiring first lady Ann Romney.

Christie doesn’t disappoint as he rips into liberals
by John Gizzi
???There are times in your life when you have to choose between being loved and being respected,??? said New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie as he drew wild cheers during his speech to 2012 RNC Convention.

Ann Romney at best speaking for Mitt
by Hope Hodge
In delivering more than was asked of her, Ann Romney carefully humanized her husband and charismatically appealed to women voters.

Santorum attacks Obama for waiving welfare work requirement
by John Gizzi
Rick Santorum’s convention address focused on important family themes — is he now slated to become a top Romney surrogate?

From Obama booster to GOP star: Artur Davis gets electric reception at RNC
by Hope Hodge
Video: Davis said he no longer recognizes a Democratic Party that now preaches full reliance on government aid and welfare.

RNC rules change upsets conservatives
by John Gizzi
Some Party members claim that the change will give operatives the ability to react and communicate efficiently, and to face the challenges of a dynamic political world.

Romney officially secures GOP presidential nomination
by Associated Press
In a roll call of states Tuesday, New Jersey put Romney over the top — exceeding the 1,144 delegate votes needed.

Economic and internet freedoms, strong defense mark GOP platform
by John Gizzi and Human Events Staff
Platform urges Republicans to use the Constitution as a guide to promote freedom, democracy at home and abroad.

Jon Voight boosts Republican values in Tampa
by Hope Hodge
The 73-year-old actor has been an outspoken Republican for years, but seemed especially intent this week on becoming a face of the conservative movement.

Text of Christie’s RNC Convention speech
by Neil W. McCabe
The former federal prosecutor will deliver the convention???s Keynote Address Tuesday night, after Ann Romney speaks.

Another GOP ???rules war’ looms over Tampa
by John Gizzi
A new rule would permit a vote of three-fourths of the RNC to allow a mid-term convention between presidential election years to make alterations in Rules 1-24, which govern the presidential nomination process.

GOP Rules Committee moving to shut out grassroots at 2 p.m.
by Erick Erickson
Reports that the floor fight threat is over might be designed to calm the grassroots and get them to ignore what is coming.

2012 Republican platform to call for repeal, replace of Obamacare
by Neil W. McCabe
Rep. Marsha Blakburn, a co-chair on the platform committee, noted to Human Events that the document will include language sympathetic to opening up health care insurance competition across state lines.

House Speaker Boehner previews his RNC remarks
by John Hayward
Video: The House speaker plans to focus on debunking President Obama’s infamous “you didn’t build that” admonition.

Virginia???s Gov. McDonnell dismisses Goode threat
by John Gizzi
Former Rep. Goode is running for president under the Constitution Party’s banner — some worry that he may be Romney’s undoing in the critically important Commonwealth of Virginia.

Rules change agreement averts one floor fight
by John Gizzi
A debate and distraction was avoided that would have caused nothing but problems for Republicans and Mitt Romney.

Obama is the ‘cat’ in children???s book spoof
by Hope Hodge
Loren Spivack got the inspiration for his book 18 months ago and since then has been rhyming and revising in an attempt to capture the events of the past four years in a poem.

Conservative stars come out for ‘Nuestra Noche’ in Tampa
by John Gizzi
RNC party, hosted by the American Conservative Union, draws many of the conservative movement’s celebrated leaders. Among them, Marco Rubio, Susana Martinez, Ken Cuccinelli…

Gold Star wife carries on her husband’s mission
by Hope Hodge
Jane Horton is the only Gold Star wife represented at this year’s convention. “I don???t feel that Chris died for us to live in a country that???s restrictive of our freedoms, with Obama taking them away,” she said to Human Events.

Monday from the RNC:

Ann Romney, John Boehner to speak at RNC Tuesday
by Hope Hodge
The show goes on — after some schedule switch-ups in the wake of Tropical Storm Isaac.

Boehner says GOP should put platform ‘on one page’
by John Gizzi
The House speaker also suggested that in the future, a four day convention might not be the best idea.

Monday report from the RNC Convention: Karl Rove on swing states
by Hope Hodge
Top talkers, Tweets, the latest news from Tampa, and two very large debt clocks.

Chris Matthews goes wild
by John Hayward
Video: MSNBC host Chris Matthews explodes into a spittle-flecked tirade about Republican ???racism??? on Morning Joe.¬† It???s time to call it a career, Chris…

Michigan GOP vows all-out effort to defeat Obama
by John Gizzi
GOP leaders in Michigan discuss Mitt Romney’s strategy to win his native state.

Cain calls for support of ‘ABC — America’s Black Conservatives’
by John Gizzi
Former GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain insists in Tampa that polls showing “zero percent of black voters for Mitt Romney,” are only “distractions, distortions, and diversions.”

Ron Paul fires up his forces, shows solidarity with Assange
by John Gizzi
The 77-year old Paul bid farewell to a massive throng of his closest supporters Sunday in a pre-convention rally.

Paul supporters voice opposition to Romney
by John Gizzi
Throngs of Ron Paul supporters have descended on Tampa to make it known that they aren’t happy with the current politics in Washington and will not be voting for Mitt Romney in November.

Wisconsin’s Lt. Gov.: The GOP has tremendous groundwork advantage
by John Gizzi
Rebecca Kleefisch, who along with Scott Walker survived the Wisconsin recall election, details why the chances are good that Romney/Ryan may win the state’s 12 electoral votes.

Romney, Ryan in Ohio: A five point plan to invigorate the economy
by Sara Marie Brenner
With Ohioans rallying in Powell Saturday, the Romney/Ryan ticket remains on point, focusing on the economic and jobs issues that matter most to Americans.

Romney hits back at Obama attack ad
by John Gizzi
“It really is sad, isn’t it, with all the issues that America faces for the Obama campaign to continue to stoop to such a low level.”

Gary Johnson woos Ron Paul supporters
by John Gizzi
At the “Paul Festival” in Tampa, the former New Mexico governor and Libertarian Party candidate asked for voters and delegates to “be libertarian … for one election.”


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