Ohio delegates fired up for job ahead in battleground state

For several months, Mitt Romney???s opponents have said he is disconnected, unengaged, lacking of empathy and unable to understand the struggles of the middle class. At this week???s Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida, the nation has heard from Romney???s friends and family. They have shared the stories about how Romney has cried, loved, supported, helped and prayed with them. We now know about the powerful love story behind the Mitt and Ann Romney household, and the adversity, struggles, successes and achievements along the way. From Mitt and Ann???s first living together in a basement apartment to the chores they continue to do in the homes they now own, the country has an enlightened understanding of the glue that holds the Romneys together.

If you???re a delegate from Ohio delegation, you receive preferential treatment: you sit front and center and you have opportunities to schmooze with the A-list politicos. But, you have a job to do – you better deliver the Buckeye state for Mitt Romney in November.

Les Davies, an alternate delegate from Reynoldsburg, Ohio, has special knowledge of the Romney family. ???Ann is my first cousin, and I???ve known Mitt for nearly 45 years,??? Davies explained. As a Mormon himself, Davies appreciated that Mitt Romney focused on his public service record during the convention. ???Mitt gave his time to his church for decades, often 30-40 hours a week of unpaid service,??? Davies revealed. ???This week, we got to know what kind of service Mitt provided this country in its times of need. That is what he will take to the White House.??? When Davies returns home, he plans to work on the campaign from the campaign victory center near his home, participate regularly in Mitt Romney Radio and work with other LDS members to support the ticket.

The emphases on family, community and service were also imperative to Cheryl Grossman, assistant majority whip in the Ohio House of Representatives. ???Everything he said was a reaffirmation that I will do all I can to make sure we get him elected,??? Grossman said. When she returns from Tampa, Grossman will continue to help at the Grove City victory center. She commented that her friends who have never been politically involved are coming to help with phone banking and door to door. ???We have a lot to fear from this current president. We have to have new leadership, vision and goals for the United States and the world.??? Grossman continued, ???Romney shared his points tonight – we have a plan!???

Chip Gerhardt, an honorary delegate from Cincinnati, believes Romney???s speech was ???a call to arms to step out and work to fight for change.???

Kathy Eshelman, a friend of the delegation from Dublin, expressed, ???I was glad to hear Romney spell out some of the great American companies that Bain has invested in and helped.??? She continued, ???Clearly, he knows how to create jobs, and there is nothing more important that we need in a President right now than that.??? When Eshelman returns home, she plans to work with other women business owners to support Romney. ???I know many other women who are concerned about making big decisions in their company because of the uncertainty in the economy,??? said Eshelman. Through door to door and holding meet and greets in her home, she wants to ???work with them to share the message of lower taxes, repealing Obamacare and electing a president who will help their businesses and their families.???

As the delegation returns home, the latest polls show Romney and Obama tied in Ohio. The convention was an important opportunity, but the real work continues with the volunteers throughout the state. With Republicans holding all state-wide offices, the House of Representatives and the Senate, the Romney campaign must certainly believe an Ohio victory is within their grasp. Ohio State Treasurer Josh Mandel, who is the Republican candidate for U.S. Senate in Ohio, is confident that the grassroots efforts will carry Romney to victory. ???There are 35 Victory Centers open across the Buckeye state,??? he said. ???Every one of them is filled with volunteers.???