The Left's favorite Janesvillian

So after nearly the entire media establishment falsely accused Paul Ryan of lying about the closure of General Motors plant in Janesville, it’s been quite the spectacle watching the aftermath. Most liberal pundits have simply ignored facts disproving the initial claim because, well, hey, we all know Republicans are lying liars.

But Greg Sargent, a prolific liberal blogger for the Washington Post, has opened his Rolodex and engaged in some old-fashioned reporting (which he does more often than most). The result is: “Wisconsin Business Leader and Ryan Supporter:  Not clear Obama to Blame for Closed GM plant.” This part caught my eye:

… this morning, I spoke to a leading business official in Janesville, Wisconsin, who was at the center of efforts to save the GM plant ??? one who supports Paul Ryan ??? and he offered a nuanced version of the history that strains simplistic interpretations.

The official, John Beckord, who heads the pro-business group Forward Janesville, makes two key points.

Interesting stuff. Please read the entire piece.  It takes a lot of skill and nuance to spin this thing into a “lie”. But that’s another story.  What interests me is John Beckord, a name that sounded familiar.  Mr. Beckord, it turns out, is a very engaged. And if you’re working on a story that aims to knock Paul Ryan, he’s your man. Actually, he’s basically your only man inJanesville.

The key phrase: “Ryan supporter.”

Yep, there he is in a New Yorker piece by Ryan Lizza. “One afternoon in mid-July, John Beckord, a Ryan supporter and the head of Forward Janesville, a pro-business economic-development group, took me on a tour of Ryan???s home town.”

And again.

Hey look, there’s Beckord, stabbing Ryan in the back on National Public Radio on the issue of earmarks.

And once more helping a Boston Globe reporter lie  about “Ryan???s support of the auto bailouts”.

Here’s  Beckord in a deeply biased economic piece in the Washington Post.

Needless to say,  Beckord shows up (via these pieces) on nearly every major left-wing blog.  He deploys a bunny-eared passive aggressive style of criticism (buttressed in high praise) against Ryan. Now, perhaps Beckord really is a Ryan supporter, and perhaps he really believes that Ryan can solve our debt problem, etc .. but he sure has a funny way of showing it.