Wasserman Schultz and Sandra Fluke make their presence felt at the RNC

While most in politics allow Democrats and Republicans to tell their own story at their respective conventions, outspoken Democratic Florida Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz decided she couldn’t let Republicans be have their day in Tampa.

Schultz and Sandra Fluke, who became famous as a Planned Parenthood advocate after Rush Limbaugh called her a “slut” for claiming she couldn’t afford her own birth control, crashed the media building at the RNC, talking briefly to reporters and filming a shout-out to troops as part of a Google project.

The women then returned to a Democratic “war room” that Wasserman Schultz set up a few blocks from the convention to give a press conference denouncing the convention’s embrace of women Republicans as phony and calling the Romney/Ryan ticket “wrong for the middle class.”

Fluke also condemned Romney for not standing up for her more strongly in the wake of Limbaugh’s insult. Romney at the time said the radio host had not made his point the way he would have, but President Barack Obama outdid himself by calling her personally to express his condolences.

When asked by Human Events if Republicans should follow her lead and take a partisan attack to Charlotte for the Democratic National Convention, Wasserman Shultz said she had no doubt they would, but that any message they spread would be “fact free.”