Tea Party Rep. Allen West wowed by Condi, gives pointers to Romney

One of the most recognized faces of the tea party movement, outspoken Florida Congressman Allen West, told reporters Thursday afternoon that the high point of the convention so far for him was former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice???s electrifying keynote speech last night.

???She and I share something,??? he said. ???You know, she was of course from Alabama. I???m across the border, from Chattahoochee in Georgia, and to know the things that our parents went through to enable her to be where she is and for me to be where I am, that???s the greatness of this country. We want to make sure we pass that on.”

West said he thought Rep. Paul Ryan???s vice presidential nomination address also hit it home.

???Paul Ryan gave a great speech last night as well, contrasting the philosophy and the principles of governance that we see in this country,??? he said.

While West protested that he wasn???t a speechwriter, he also laid out a plan of attack for Mitt Romney???s all-important nomination address tonight.

???I think he has to introduce himself,??? he said, ???which, I find it really hard that we???re talking about this, because in 2008 we voted for someone that we really did not know. I think Mitt Romney just needs to walk the way that has been set out for him by his wife, and all the other speakers that we???ve had here at this convention, and just define the contrast in governing philosophy. Talk about his issues, talk about his love for this country and what has brought him to this point, talk about how he wants to make sure that his vision for America and the greatness and exceptionalism of America goes on for future generations.???