Source: RNC staff have been in talks with Eastwood's people

UPDATE 2:25 p.m. EST: Tuesday afternoon, a convention staffer confirmed that RNC organizers have been talking with Clint Eastwood’s people, but said it was not clear whether the actor had been scheduled to speak at the convention.

While Townhall reported that legendary Hollywood actor Clint Eastwood would appear at the Republican National Convention Wednesday or Thursday as a surprise guest with star power, convention organizers aren’t talking.

GOP insiders who spoke with Human Events, including a prominent delegate and a Romney campaign staffer, said they had heard the rumor, but had no information about whether it was true.

Nor was Tom Del Beccaro, Republican party chairman for Eastwood’s home state of California, in on any plans to bring “Dirty Harry” to town.

But Del Beccaro said he would absolutely like to see Eastwood address the delegates.

The actor was the center of some controversy after starring in a Superbowl ad that seemed to cheer President Barack Obama’s auto bailout plan. But Eastwood cleared the air by endorsing Mitt Romney this month. Del Beccaro said speaking at the convention would give Eastwood a chance to put the controversy behind him for good and reestablish his conservative credentials.

“He’s a true American and stands for a great tradition,” he said.