Ohio GOPers confident of Romney win, Senate pickup

TAMPA, Fla.???Something that was clear on the convention floor here yesterday was that Ohio Republicans were brimming with confidence that the Romney-Ryan ticket would carry their state and its eighteen electoral votes this November.

The confidence among the Buckeye State GOPers that their state would move from the Obama camp four years ago to their column stems in large part from a Columbus Dispatch poll a a few days ago showing Barack Obama and Mitt Romney dead even in the state with 45 percent of the vote each.

???That???s the most reliable poll in the state,??? Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine told Human Events, ???To win, Romney needs to carry the southern counties and metropolitan areas in a big way.???

As to recent reports that the state???s economy was picking up, DeWine said: ???That???s not good for the Obama administration. Ohio is coming back, but people are giving credit to [Republican] Gov. John Kasich and his making the hard decisions he has.???

Along with finding the presidential candidates in a tie among Ohio voters, the latest Dispatch poll also showed far-left Democratic Sen. Sherrod Brown and conservative Republican opponent Josh Mandel in a tie. According to the poll, Brown and State Treasurer have 44 per cent of the vote each.

Ohio has long been considered a pivotal state to the election of presidents. Only one president, John F. Kennedy in 1960, won the office without carrying the Buckeye State.