In Tampa, arguments for beating Obama

At the Republican National Convention in Tampa this week, we have undertaken a new experiment. It???s called Newt University, presented by the RNC. Each day, we???re collecting the top thought leaders on the big ideas of the fall election, and learning from them the best arguments to defeat the falsehoods of President Obama.

We began Monday with the theme ???We Can Do Better,??? and had an amazing group of speakers including Gov. Scott Walker, Gov. Gary Herbert, Larry Kudlow, Rep. Aaron Schock, Mitt Romney Policy Director Lanhee Chen, Betsy McCaughey, and John Goodman from the National Center for Policy Analysis.

It was a fantastic day, broadcast live online at through Kaplan???s wonderful new online learning platform, KAPx.

Yesterday, we continued our week-long series of workshops with our second session, ???We Build It,??? focusing on President Obama???s hostility to entrepreneurs, small businesses, and civil society. We had an impressive panel of small business owners, as well great talks by former Secretary of Veterans Affairs and former Ambassador to the Holy See John Nicholson and my wife Callista, who eloquently discussed threats to religious liberty.

Tomorrow we will be Live again at 10 am Eastern with a focus on North American energy independence???hearing from leaders such as Reps. Allen West and John Shimkus, North Dakota Senator John Hoeven, Scott Noble, President of Noble Royalties, Harold Hamm, Chairman of Continental Resources, Mitt Romney energy advisor Rebecca Rosen, and Kellyanne Conway, who will present the results of some fascinating swing state polls.

You can register to watch live online at OR attend in person in Tampa (see website for details).

Finally, I wanted to share with you a few of the video highlights of the past two days of Newt University.

Here???s Betsy McCaughey???s stunning exposition on President Obama???s cuts to Medicare:

Here???s CNBC???s Larry Kudlow???s brilliant talk on why President Obama???s economic policies have failed:

And finally, here???s the story of one business owner, David Park, who serves as president of the Job Creators Alliance. His story was too good not to pass on: