University of Colorado thwarts campus gun rights

The University of Colorado Boulder will do just about anything to circumvent the law in order to prevent its students, advisers, and faculty from carrying handguns.

After the Colorado court of appeals issued a unanimous decision on March 5 that declared the weapons control policy of the University of Colorado violates the Concealed Carry Act of 2003, university officials are spinning their wheels in an effort to segregate and prohibit lawful gun owners from carrying handguns on campus.

On Aug. 23 the university revamped its housing??? contracts to reflect a bias towards its students, advisers, and faculty in direct violation of the appellate court???s decision.  The new housing??? contract says that students who hold a concealed carry permit will be denied access to campus residence halls and/or will be relegated to a separate resident location, if space is available.

Students with CCP???s that utilize the University???s off campus complex are subject to storage regulations according to the university???s ???safety??? standards.  University faculty and advisers are subject to all of the above restrictions and if they do not abide by them, university residence is altogether prohibited.

CCP holders in general are asked not to carry their handguns on campus, at all.  Instead, they ought to store their legal firearm on campus at the university???s police department.  Strangely enough, with these new regulations, the university is touting ???anyone with a permit may carry a concealed handgun on campus.???  How so?  If everyone is ???asked??? to register their handgun at the door, then no one gets to carry, and no one is safe.

The appellate court indicates that the Colorado General Assembly has the responsibility to regulate concealed handgun permits, and the authority to decide when and whether a person???s right of self-protection can be denied, not the University of Colorado.

These new housing contracts actually scare off innocent gun owners, who have done nothing wrong, from attending or being employed by the University of Colorado.  Scare tactics and list making of CCP holders is an incredulous attempt at discouraging gun owners from being involved at the University, and smacks of discrimination.

Relying on the fact that CCPs are only .06 percent of the university population, officials believe that is excuse enough to ignore the law.   The Brady Campaign says ???pistol-packing pupils??? should be overjoyed by ???separate but equal??? discrimination.  Ha!  Innocent gun owners are being ridiculed, and shun by ???Big Brother??? university officials who know better than us, or so they think.

Bear in mind, this is not the first time the University of Colorado attempted to circumvent the law, and is, in part, the reason why their weapons policy was overruled in court to begin with.  CCP laws were clear in where handguns were not permitted to be carried, yet university officials surreptitiously added ???any public or private college, university, or seminary??? to their rules of exclusion even though no exemption exists.

That exclusion clause was shut down by the appellate court which has ruled that any university in the State of Colorado is prohibited from imposing gun control barriers upon law abiding, concealed carry permit holding, individuals.  So what does the University of Colorado do?

Impose gun control by any means.


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