Public service announcement: Don’t wish death upon people who disagree with you

Liberals have used online forums to express some ugly sentiments about Tropical Storm (and now Hurricane) Isaac, and its passage near the site of the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida.  When projections hinted that Isaac might hit Tampa dead-on, as a powerful hurricane, there were celebrations of divine justice from liberals – who loudly complain about the political influence of the “religious right,” but are often quick to enlist God as their own celestial executioner.

For example, Michigan’s dreadful former governor, Democrat Jennifer Granholm, worked a little Akinfreude into her “Isaac humor,” riffing on Missouri Senate candidate Todd Akin’s infamous observations about the probability of pregnancy after sexual assault to say via Twitter: “R convention delay due to Isaac: I guess God has ways to shut that whole thing down.”

But the rotted cake of hurricane hatemongering was taken by actor Samuel L. Jackson, whose profile is much higher than Granholm’s, since he’s fresh off starring in one of the most popular movies ever made, and is generally acclaimed for playing his character better than the previous actor to inhabit the role.

In the interests of maintaining the family atmosphere of HUMAN EVENTS, I’ve edited the profanities in Jackson’s Twitter messages, but there were no asterisks in the originals.  He kicked things off by saying on Tuesday, “Unfair S**t!  GOP spared by Issac!  NOLA prolly F**ked Again!  Not understanding God’s plan!”  (Yes, he misspelled “Isaac” in the original.)

As chronicled at, Jackson initially got a few attaboys from equally soul-deadened leftists… but then the heat was turned up by critics, some of whom lived in the Tampa Bay area, and were displeased to hear that a favorite movie star wanted them to risk their lives battling a hurricane, simply because some people he disagrees with politically happened to be renting out convention space in their town.

This eventually led the actor to issue a kinda-sorta “apology”… which was even more illegible than the Really Deep Thoughts that got him in trouble, and sounded more like sarcastic resentment for everyone who had a problem with his wish of death and injury for people who disagree with him.  “Daayum!  Poked a Hornets nest, hunh? Apologies to God, Tampa, da GOP & Isaac(sp)!  Who played the Race card?!” Jackson burbled, followed by “Whoooo!  A lotta s**t stirred into a Bulls**t tweet!  Politics & Religion get MUHFREPUBLICANS heated!”

Actually, Mr. Jackson, I think lots of people besides MUHFREPUBLICANS get heated when some idiot who can barely type a coherent sentence wishes they were dead, for no other reason that they happen to be standing near the idiot’s political opponents.  Some people with serious MUHFRELIGIOUS beliefs also become upset when hatemongering imbeciles think God ought to be exterminating their political enemies – a line of reasoning that leads to no small amount of carnage around the world, on a daily basis.  And I’m not sure “who played the Race card,” but I suspect the answer will turn out to be “you.”

It says a lot about the toxic garbage floating around in Sam Jackson’s soul that he couldn’t even manage an unqualified mea culpa when other people tried to shake his moral compass back to life.  He never quite got around to apologizing for his “apology,” but he eventually was gracious enough to warn people to “leave the path of Danger if you’re asked,” and “Be Safe & Be Smart wherever you are & whatever your Politics.”

So, here’s a public service announcement to people from every walk of life, and every political affiliation: if you’re momentarily tempted to wish death upon people who disagree with you – no matter how righteous you think your own political beliefs might be – step away from the keyboard and cool off before accessing social media services.

If your first response to news of a natural disaster (or act of murderous terrorism) is to wish that it would have affected your political opponents instead, try meditating for a few minutes to find your moral center, instead of rushing onto Twitter to share your diseased thoughts with an adoring public.  Remember, a commitment to free speech and democracy means you cannot also believe, for a single moment, that the penalty for spirited and honest dissent should be death… at hands of either God or man.