Gary Johnson woos Paul supporters

TAMPA, Fla. — Despite Tropical Storm Isaac already forcing the postponement of Republican National Convention activities Monday, supporters of Ron Paul are on the scene in Tampa — and some are threatening Mitt Romney with political damage in November.

At what they call a ???Paul Festival??? at the University of South Florida Sun Dome, backers of the Rep Ron Paul???s (R-Texas) bid for the Republican presidential nomination have been gathering over the weekend and cheering on various speakers. Weather permitting, Paul himself is scheduled to arrive at the event and be introduced by former Rep. Barry Goldwater, Jr. (R-Ariz.).

One surprise speaker at the Paul event who received a hero???s welcome Saturday was the only other candidate on the ballot in all fifty states this November aside from Romney and Barack Obama: former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson, Libertarian Party nominee for president.

???I have two words for Ron Paul: Thank you!??? Johnson told the wildly cheering crowd at the Sun Dome. ???Be Libertarian with me for one election. Together, we???ll show the world and the nation that what Ron Pual has stood for is not a fluke — it???s the future!???

Although Romney has been blessed by many supporters of Paul (including his son, Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul), others made it clear they will now follow Johnson. One Western State Paul delegate to the GOP convention told Human Events Saturday night: ???With Ron Paul out of the race, Gary Johnson is the only liberty candidate for Democrats, Republicans, and independents who believe in freedom to support. I have seen no serious policy proposals on the part of the Romney campaign to adequately win us over.???