Biden returns, to the sound of squealing pigs

After being kept under wraps by the panicked Obama campaign for a long weekend, Vice President Joe Biden has been carefully released back into the wild.  Fox News reports on his appearance in Minneapolis on Tuesday:

“Over the objections where they sound like squealing pigs, over the objections of (Mitt) Romney and all his allies, we passed some of the toughest Wall Street regulations in history,” Biden said, claiming Democrats ensured Wall Street is no longer a “casino.”

Fox describes this language as part of “a trend of amplifying rhetoric on the campaign trail in the run-up to the Republican and Democratic national conventions.”  Squealing pigs are nothing compared to Biden’s offensive “put y’all back in chains” garbage, but it’s still rather odd verbiage coming from a major party White House candidate.  If you’re not tired of the “What if a Republican said it?” game yet, imagine the media reaction if Paul Ryan described Democrats, including Barack Obama, as “squealing pigs.”

The other part of Biden’s latest effusion is actually more interesting: the portrayal of pre-Dodd-Frank Wall Street as a “casino.”  Wealth is always a result of “luck” in socialist ideology.  Obama himself has been pushing this idea with increasing frequency.  Small business owners “didn’t build that.”  Investors aren’t reaping the reward for taking carefully calculated risks, which provide vital capital for economic growth.  It’s all about dice bouncing on felt, and balls dropping into the correct slots on roulette wheels.  And of course, if you’re a top Obama donor like George Kaiser of Solyndra fame, you get to play with marked cards.

It’s also hilarious to hear the Administration that couldn’t even mange to indict Jon Corzine for making a billion dollars disappear boast of passing tough Wall Street regulations.  What has all of Obama’s regulatory excess really gotten us, except high unemployment and collapsing markets?  We have far more corruption now, not less.  Congressional committees are still laboring to unravel the fishy “green energy” deals Obama blew billions of taxpayer dollars on.  “Sheriff Joe” posturing as some kind of crusading financial super-cop is more grotesque and foolish than his choice of animal metaphors for political opponents.


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