Conservatives March Against Media Corruption at the Cleveland "Occupy the Truth" Protest and March


Pat Dooley

1,500 patriots gathered in downtown Cleveland today to rally against media corruption in Cleveland, Ohio today.

Conservative favorites Dana Loesch, Michelle Malkin and Sonnie Johnson headlined today’s rally in Cleveland.
Politomix has terrific photos from the rally and march.

** And Diana Price, a Cleveland Tea Party leader, sent this link for more photos from today.

It was the nation’s first “Occupy the Truth” rally against media bias and #Occupy domestic terrorism.

Michelle Malkin, Andrew Marcus, Jenny Beth Martin, Dana Loesch and Chris Loesch.

The historic march and rally was organized by myself and friend Andrew Marcus, director and producer of Hating Breitbart.

Some leftist trol decided to start an argument with Dana Loesch… Big mistake.

After the rally we marched through downtown Cleveland to the Federal Reserve – the building the #Occupiers had planned to bomb before they were arrested.

We also went out to the Cuyahoga National Park Bridge to bring awareness to the terrorist activities of the Democrat-endorsed Occupy movement.

We brought our rally mascot – Stinky Stanley the Occupooper – to the bridge with us.

My niece and her friend Amy made Stinky Stanley for the march and rally this week. Stanley marched downed Superior Avenue with us to the Federal Reserve.

Here’s the banner that we marched down the street with.

We brought the banner with us to the Cuyahoga bridge.