Audio: Listen to John Gizzi on the Jim Bohannon Show

From the Jim Bohannon Show:

The suspense is over: Mitt Romney has chosen Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan as his vice presidential running mate. Conservatives are extremely happy that Romney picked one of their own for the ticket; liberals were equally happy that the Republicans chose a candidate they see as too conservative. Are we set up for a race like the one in 2004, where both parties chose to campaign to their base to get them to come to the polls, choosing to let the independent vote to fall where it may? Will the choice of Ryan bring reluctant tea party members out to the polls, or will any increase there be offset by both seniors and undecideds who will vote for the Democrats because they believe Ryan’s plans for Medicare are too extreme? Did Romney hit a home run with his selection, or would Romney have been better off with a safer, more middle-of-the-road choice? And finally, what does this selection mean for the political futures of the people on the Romney short list who were not selected. We’ll discuss it all with return guest John Gizzi, the political editor and White House reporter forHuman Events┬ámagazine.

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