The Obama campaign melts down over Medicare cuts

One of the most difficult things for Obama???s campaign team and its volunteer auxiliaries in the media to cope with, since the announcement of Paul Ryan as the Republican vice presidential candidate, has been Obama???s looting of $700 billion from Medicare to finance ObamaCare.  It???s an objective fact that this transfer of funding took place, but since they desperately want to caricature Ryan as the Slayer of Grannies, they can???t process it.  As Mitt Romney put it on 60 Minutes during an appearance with Ryan last weekend, ???There???s only one president that I know if in history that robbed Medicare, $716 billion to pay for a new risky program of his own that we call ObamaCare.???

Rich Lowry of National Review short-circuited Rachel Maddow of MSNBC by simply asking her if she agreed with Obama???s Medicare cash grab:

But the real fun came when Obama???s deputy campaign manager, documented liar Stephanie ???I Never Heard of Joe Soptic??? Cutter, boasted of the President???s achievement in cutting $700 billion from Medicare on CBS News??? Face the Nation???

??? prompting senior Obama campaign adviser David Axelrod to call Cutter a liar the following morning.

Of course, Obama???s feral campaign isn???t much concerned with the nuances of truth and logic, but it???s still interesting to note that they apparently haven???t developed anything like a coordinated response to a question they had to know they would be asked.  It probably would have come up even if Ryan wasn???t the Republican vice-presidential candidate, but it was a lead-pipe cinch now that he???s on the ticket, and ???Medi-Scare??? once again fills the air.