Conservatives speak up at RedState Gathering 2012

Human Events was in attendance throughout the RedState Gathering in Jacksonville, Fla., bringing you interviews, coverage of major speaking events, breaking news, and video. We’ve gathered that coverage for you here in one place.

Fresh from his remarkable victory in the Texas Senate runoff, Ted Cruz kicked off the RedState Gathering with a speech on Friday, Aug. 3. Events continued through Saturday evening at the Omni Jacksonville Hotel.

Other speakers included Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus, Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, Gov. Rick Scott of Florida, Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio, Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin, Gov. Bobby Jindal of Louisiana, and author David Limbaugh.

No. 1: Bobby Jindal at RedState: ???We are a country that???s young at heart???
By: John Hayward
Governor Bobby Jindal of Louisiana told the RedState Gathering in Jacksonville, Florida on Saturday that he had two big problems with Barack Obama: ???The first is the fact that he???s been the most liberal president since Jimmy Carter was in the White House. My second problem with him is that he???s the most incompetent president since Jimmy Carter.???

Gov. Bobby Jindal Interview [Video]

No. 2: Ted Cruz at RedState: ???We are winning this fight???
By: John Hayward
Ted Cruz told the RedState gathering in Jacksonville, Florida on Friday morning that he knew winning the Republican Senate primary in Texas would be a tough battle.

Ted Cruz Interview [Video]

No. 3: Reince Priebus at RedState: ???Obama???s priorities are not America???s priorities???
By: John Hayward
???This is a President who would trade the American Dream for a European nightmare,??? said Priebus.

Reince Priebus and Sharon Day Interview Video]

No. 4: Rick Scott at RedState: ???If you do the right things, your state will get bigger???
By: John Hayward
Instead of micro-managing the lives and business affairs of citizens, Scott believes government should ???do the right thing for families??? and focus on the three areas of greatest importance to them: education, jobs, and the lowest possible cost of living.

Gov. Rick Scott, Will Weatherford Interview [Video]

No. 5: Ken Cuccinelli at RedState: ???You want to elect people you don???t have to lobby???
By: John Hayward
In the aftermath of the Supreme Court decision upholding ObamaCare, he offered the RedState Gathering in Jacksonville, Florida a three-point to-do list for moving ahead with repeal.

No. 6: Rep. Sandy Adams [Video]

No. 7: My Thoughts on the RedState Gathering
By: Bethany
Often as I follow the events happening today I am concerned that our leaders are failing to realize that their decisions today will affect the future even once they are out of office; however, after attending the RedState Gathering, I realize that my future is actually in good hands.

No. 8: Thanks
By: Erick Erickson
The RedState Gathering grows and gets better every single year. We???re already less than a year from the next one. I hope to see you then.