Paul Ryan ??? What he does for the ticket

Forty-eight hours after Paul Ryan was named as Mitt Romney???s vice presidential running mate, Human Events looked back at the Wisconsin congressman, who ony a year ago was named as the HE???s ???Conservative of the Year.???

In an interview with Editor Cathy Taylor, Political Editor John Gizzi???just back from covering the Republican State Convention in California and the electrifying effect the news about Ryan had there???recalls his own relationship with the Wisconsin man. Noting that he first met Ryan when the 28-year-old was a first-time candidate for Congress back in 1998, Gizzi pointed out that ???his ideas and his passion about the future were all quite evident when he came by for me to write a ???Race of the Week??? feature.???

Gizzi points out that, at 42, Ryan is the same age as another GOP vice presidential nominee???Theodore Roosevelt in 1900???and that he was also controversial as well as a fresh and vigorous candidate.