PAC war: American Crossroads questions illegal collusion between Obama campaign and Priorities USA

It???s long past time for the mainstream media to begin vigorously investigating the possibly illegal collusion between Barack Obama???s presidential campaign and the Priorities USA Super PAC.  There is ample evidence to ask if they violated campaign finance laws in preparing the disgusting ???Mitt Romney killed my wife??? ad featuring steelworker Joe Soptic.

There is no further story about Mitt Romney here.  The story is entirely about whether Barack Obama???s campaign broke the law, the indisputable fact that they???ve been caught red-handed lying about their involvement with Soptic, and why Obama himself has lacked the basic decency to step forward and denounce Priorities USA.

American Crossroads, which is one of those ???outside groups??? Obama is always fretting about ??? you know, the ones that don???t lie about people???s tragic deaths to help Obama get re-elected ??? has produced a video that really should be the prime-time news story on every honest television news network.  The one-minute American Crossroads ad is called ???Cancer,??? but not for the reason you might initially suspect.