Democrats depict black Republican congressman beating and robbing people in ad

The American Sunrise Super PAC is running an ad against black Republican congressman Allen West of Florida that shows him punching out two white women in a boxing ring ??? one young, the other elderly ??? and robbing money from a black family.

No, really.  Here it is:

Just imagine if a Republican group had produced an ad showing??? no, I don???t have to finish the sentence, do I?  You already imagined it.  The front-page howls of outrage, and accusations of racism, splashed across every front page in America are still burning your mind???s eye.

The actual text of the ad is the usual brain-dead boilerplate about how cuts to government programs are equivalent to an assault upon whatever dependent constituency liberals happen to be hiding behind at the moment.

The Blaze notes that the Super PAC in question just happens to have been co-founded by Thomas Murphy Jr., who just happens to the father of Patrick Murphy, who just happens to be West???s opponent in the upcoming election… and is as white as Elizabeth Warren, for anyone keeping track.  And if West was the Democrat in this race, you can bet your bottom dollar everyone would be.

Remember all those coded “racial dog whistles” liberals claimed to hear embedded in innocuous Republican campaign messages?  Are any of your ears perking up and hearing dog whistle here, fellows?  Or are you ready to concede that was always dishonest partisan hackery?