Why is Obama running an ad for Planned Parenthood?

I’m just kidding. I know why.

Below you will find an official video from the Barack Obama campaign. In it, Elizabeth Banks, a talented actress who???s been featured in movies like The 40 Year Old Virgin and The Hunger Games, offers viewers a litany of vacuous arguments defending Planned Parenthood from a host of non-existent threats.

For instance:

???These services that they provide — what is it? Ninety-five percent of them don’t involve anything controversial, so for that little 5 percent that Mitt Romney decides he doesn’t agree with, he’s going to take away cancer screenings? What is he doing? He’s going to take people’s access to health care close by? We’re talking about working-class ladies who need health care.???

Of course, Mitt Romney wants to ban cancer screenings! Haven???t you heard, he???s already knocking off the wives of unemployed  steel workers.

Then again, that controversial 5 percent happens to add up to approximately one of every 10  Planned Parenthood clients getting an abortion. The company???s 2008-2009 annual report says that it received $363.2 million in “Government grants and contracts.” And since those dollars are fungible, millions of taxpayers have contributed to a procedure they view as murder. If Elizabeth Banks thinks that the controversial 5 percent is threatening the existence of cancer screening, perhaps she should produce a new ad proposing the company cut that insignificant part of their business model.

Well, they already have a better business model, I suppose. Obama runs a commercial for an abortion clinic, the abortion clinic contributes to the Obama campaign and then the Obama administration funds the abortion clinic with taxpayer dollars. A special interest, I suppose.

Also, check out the tags on the Youtube page. You have “Elizabeth Banks” “Womens health” “self exam” “cancer??? ???screenings” “heavy flow” ???obama2012??? and so on ???

???and then “roe wade versus abortion.??? The controversial stuff is tagged, too.

Remember,  abortions should be rare but legal – and funded by you.

(Thanks to Matt Wolking for the tip.)